Mound Time Baseball: Where Players Reach Their Potential and Learn to Compete at the Highest Level

"My son Kyle has been working with Greg Cero and his Mound Time staff for three years now and I can honestly say that I have seen great improvement in not only his baseball skills but his attitude and leadership skills also.

Being a former professional and college player and being a younger adult allows Greg to relate to his players in ways myself and other coaches Kyle has had over the years could not and the results have been obvious. Working with Greg and his staff has instilled a level of confidence and preparedness that Kyle did not previously have. Because of his experience with Mound Time he is more excited and having more fun playing baseball than he ever has. Just recently Kyle confided in me that he desires to play baseball not just in high school but beyond that - in college and possibly professionally.

I believe that continuing to work with Greg and the Mound Time program he will receive the best experience and preparation for achieving his goals. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for similar results that you talk to Greg about becoming part of the Mound Time family.

- Joseph H.

"My son first saw Greg the beginning of his Junior year in high school. The competition to make the high school varsity team, not to mention earn pitching time, is intense. Greg helped my son build confidence, velocity and an understanding of a "left handed pitching" approach. The end result was my son made varsity and pitched significant innings for the team. He heads into his senior year as a top pitcher for the varsity program. Greg helped my son achieve a life-long goal of being a varsity baseball player.

- Chris L.

"As a former JBO President and Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth President, I can say that the training my son receives and competition my son sees at Mound Time is the best I have encountered. My son has to push himself every day to compete with his team mates, and as a player on a Mound Time Prep Team, my son expects to excel and win each and every time he competes. Mound Time has taken my son's baseball to the next level.

- Joe K.

"Greg Cero brings a high level of energy and professionalism to his students. His attention to detail encompasses all facets of pitching including how to field this position and valuable insight into the mental aspects of the game. My son has benefited from Greg's instruction, and I am confident yours will too.

- Erik B. - Father and former L.L. President

"Michael has been working with Greg for a little over 1½ years. To say his improvement has been dramatic is an understatement. Michael went from being terrified to step on the mound as a 10 year old, to pitching in 12 year old Little League All-Stars as an 11 year old! His control, velocity and movement have all significantly improved, and he is now excited and confident to get on the mound. Greg teaches sound fundamentals that not only improve performance, but also increase the odds of a youth's arm remaining healthy. Greg teaches – and Michael is proof – that kids don't need (potentially arm-injuring) curveballs and sliders to pitch effectively – fastballs, changeups and the occasional cutter serve just fine. Best of all though – Greg is fine role model for our son.

- Bob E.

"My son Zachary was 9 years old during the Little League season and his pitching improved so dramatically after the 5 private one-on-one sessions that Zach's Little League coach spoke to me about "Zach's significant and noticeable improvement in the accuracy, consistency and speed of his pitching delivery as well as Zach's confidence on the pitching mound." The coach wanted to know "What happened to your son for him to improve so much in so little time?"

When Zach played on an Honors Little League team in the post season, the 4 coaches evaluated the pitchers for post-season play and Zach was chosen by each of the 4 coaches as their number 1 choice for starting pitcher. The coaches were amazed that "a 9 year old boy had so much confidence and ability to deliver consistent strikes."

As a parent, I noticed that Zach's accuracy and poise improved significantly. During one of the playoff games, I did not think Zach was having such a great night until the Coach had to change pitchers due to the pitch count and in the next inning with our back up pitcher, the other team scored 9 runs! I realized then that Zach was pitching really well as the other team had many fantastic players....that team later went on to be in contention for the number one place.

The reason I took my son to Mound Time was to ensure that my son learned the proper biomechanics of pitching so that he will be able to play baseball (and other sports!) for as long as he wants to – PAIN FREE! I also appreciate that the excellent training Zach received at Mound Time contributed to an increase in both his skill level and confidence but most importantly to how to play properly and safely. Thank you, Greg!

- Marie L.