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Greg Cero, Founder of Mound Time

“Being on a Mound Time Prep Team is the same as being in a shark tank. We want our players hungry, competing with one another for positions and striving to be the most dominant team on the field every single practice and every single game. This will serve them well when they head to high school and college baseball.”


At Mound Time, being a member of a Prep Team is a privilege, not a right. Unlike other baseball training programs that choose their players based on economics or convenience, Mound Time is committed to fielding the most dominant, well-trained teams in the Northwest. This means selecting the right mix of players and parents to make each team and player successful.

Each team is by invitation only and requires players (and parents) with the right mix of skills, attitude, aptitude and commitment. Returning players are NOT guaranteed a position on the team each season and must prove themselves annually to be invited to play with the team each season. Interested new players will require an extensive period of evaluation and must be able to show the potential to play and learn baseball at the highest level on a day-to-day basis.



Our mission is to provide and educate the baseball community with an ethical service that delivers the background and experience needed to enhance the lives of our youth and parents.

FAQ For Prep Teams

1. What is a "Prep Team?"

A prep team is a collection of players playing for a baseball training program at the highest available level of competition at their age group, regardless of their geographic location. Prep teams are private baseball teams assembled by invitation only.

2. Are all Prep Teams the same?

No. While nearly all Prep Teams are an assembly of players at a given age group without regard to location, the similarities end there. Some Prep Teams are made up of players simply because their parents can afford to pay, while others are made up of players disgruntled with their local youth baseball league. These teams attempt to play baseball at the prep or “club” level, but usually do not last long. The teams and programs that last and improve their players are committed to finding great potential and helping each player maximize who he can be.

3. What are the major differences between playing for a prep team and a JBO/Little League/Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth team or program?

Prep Teams (also known as club teams or “travel ball”) are the future of youth baseball. Throughout the country, the best players are leaving community based programs like JBO, Little League, Babe Ruth, etc., in droves to play for Prep Teams. In California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where the greatest number of collegiate and professional players come from, prep teams dominate the baseball landscape. While community-based programs provide a good opportunity for players to learn the basics of baseball, prep teams (especially at Mound Time) provide a greater amount of instruction and a much higher level of average competition.

4. How are Mound Time Prep Teams assembled? How many players play on a Mound Time Prep Team?

All players on a Mound Time Prep Team are put through an extensive initial evaluation and if invited, are evaluated regularly as a member of their team. These evaluations require physical skill and mental aptitude. Baseball is a game that requires the use of your mind as much as your body.

Teams generally carry between 12 and 14 players on their active roster.

5. How much time is required for practices and how many games do they play?

Mound Time Prep Teams are a major commitment. Our players begin training in December or January and practice one to four times per week during the “offseason.” In mid-March, full prep team practices begin for the Spring/Summer season, with mandatory practices 5 times per week, usually for 1.5 to 2 hours per practice.

Teams begin playing games in March and usually wrap up by the end of July or early August. Each team will play between 45 and 70 games depending on the age group.

The Fall Season starts in early September, usually includes another 15-20 games, and is complete by the end of October.

6. What does it cost to be on a Mound Time Prep Team?

Between $2,400 and $3,000 annually. All your classes, camps, lessons, fall ball, spring and summer AND fall baseball league/teams and coaching is included in the cost. It's a $6500 value.

7. FOR KIDS BASEBALL? That seems like a lot of money! Do people actually pay that?

Not only do people pay it, they line up to pay for it and wait on lists for their chance to pay it. People pay other prep programs in the area much more and get far less. At Mound Time, your fee includes total baseball immersion. Imagine Mound Time as a private school for select baseball players who meet our high standard for inclusion. At Mound Time, every player receives over 200 hours of group instruction and spends more than 100 hours practicing in our indoor facility. While other kids are sitting around playing their XBOX, our players are working on staying in shape, hitting a curveball, learning bunt defense, or honing any number of other critical skills that improve their baseball ability.

Given the training, professional staff and facility, it's the value that keeps people (the right people) coming back to Mound Time.

8. “We hate our JBO/Little League/Other Community Baseball Program, so we want to come to Mound Time. Will you take us? We are willing to pay the fee!”

No. Mound Time is not a refugee camp for parents seeking a different place to play because they feel their child was slighted by their community baseball program. We take players based on our team needs and the child’s ability to flourish in our program. “Reach your potential” is our common theme...not “let's go to club ball since our son can't hack it in JBO.” You will find club ball is superior to JBO/community baseball. We do not want malcontents, program hoppers, or perpetually disgruntled parents or entitled players.

Other Prep Team programs may take players because they are willing to pay, but at Mound Time, we want the players with the most potential to improve who are willing to do everything possible to take their game to the highest level. We want parents who support that. Anyone else need not apply.

For more information, or for a tryout, please contact us at info@MoundTime.com.